1. ant_choose
    targets=`sed -n 's/.*<target name="\([^"]*\)".*$/\1/p;' build.xml | sort`
    target=`zenity --title="Choose ant target" --height=600 --list --column=target $targets`
    if [[ -n $target ]]; then ant $target; fi

  2. imagemagick
    convert *.bmp -gamma 0.2 -monochrome -compress Group4 test.pdf
  3. parameter expansion
    ${f//\\//} - replace all backslashes with slashes (// = replace all)
  4. printf
    printf -v nr "%03d" $i
  5. wget (moved to github wiki)
    --page-requisites (-p) --force-html (-F) --no-directories (-nd) --html-extension (-E)
    --convert-links (-k) -q -r -l 1 -w 1 --random-wait -I /katalog/podkat
    --no-clobber (-nc) - powtórzone pliki nie będą dublowane jako .1, .2 itd.
    --server-response (-S) show headers
    --timestampings (-N) - nadpisuje, gdy nowsze lub większe
    --continue (-c) --directory-prefix= (-P - output directory) -O xxx (output file)
    -e robots=off
  6. utilities
    nmap - port scan
  7. zenity
    zenity --entry --text "Podaj" --title "Tytul"
    zenity --title="Choose ant target" --height=600 --list --column=target $targets
  8. other
    for (( i=0; i<5; i++ )); do echo $i; done
    # reset vt terminal
    echo -e \\033c
    # find newest file in subdirectories
    find . -type f -printf "%TY-%Tm-%Td %TT %pn\n" | sort | less
    # formatowanie daty
    date +%Y%m%d_%H%M