PbnTools - help

This is a shortened help. Full version available in Polish.


1 Introduction

PbnTools is intended as a toolkit for files containing bridge deals. Most popular format for these is PBN.

Currently PbnTools has following funcionalities:

Download Kops
Downloads tournaments in Kops format and saves it as PBN files.
Download Pary
Downloads tournaments in Pary format and saves it as PBN files.
Deal cards
Help in manual duplication of bridge boards from pbn files. Requires an internet camera and barcoded playing cards.

Program is started with the file PbnTools.exe (Windows) or pbntools (linux).

2 License

The program is distributed together with source code under GNU GPL license, version 3 or later.

2.1 Attached software

The program uses following software:

JLayer is a JAVATM library that decodes, converts and plays MP3 files in real-time. Distributed under LGPL license. See files jlayer_LICENSE.txt and jlayer_README.txt in program directory.

JSoup jsoup is a Java library for working with real-world HTML. It provides a very convenient API for extracting and manipulating data, using the best of DOM, CSS, and jquery-like methods. Distributed under MIT license. See jsoup_LICENSE.txt in program directory.

ZBar (or its clone ZBarW) is an open source software suite for reading bar codes from various sources, such as video streams, image files and raw intensity sensors. Distributed under LGPL 2.1 (or later) license. Here is applied a limited version reading pictures from a video camera. A license file: zbar_LICENSE.txt

Windows version uses also:

Linux scripting environment working under Windows, thus mainly bash. Part of files were used, from version 1.0.11. Complete binary suite: msysCORE-1.0.11-bin, wget-1.12-1-msys-1.0.13-bin.tar.lzma.

Msys being a suite of many programs has not a single license. This is described on msys page, in section Licensing Terms. After downloading source, one can find the licenses for all the components.

wget for windows, belonging to GnuWin32, is a tool for recursive download of web pages, together with all needed files. License file: wget_COPYING.txt. binaries, dependencies

Source codes are available in section Download (5.2).

3 Functionality

3.1 Download Kops

Polish tournaments published in Kops format can be found on pages of Polish Contract Bridge Association (PZBS). Here are sample results. The best tournaments are labeled Chorzów.

Program requires a link to a tournament. It should be a link labeled Wyniki, leading to a screen consisting of 2 frames: results and boards. Generated files are inserted into working directory (Configuration), in a subdirectory kops. Subdirectory is generated automatically.

3.2 Download Pary

Polish tournaments published in Pary format can be found on page warsbrydz, Wyniki, WOB, Stare.

3.3 Deal cards

Dealing cards is done by showing cards to an internet camera, which "finds" the card in a given board and points to whom it should be dealt. Pointing is done by displaying player's sign and speaking it through the speaker. Currently Polish words are used: jeden, dwa, trzy, cztery, respectively for N, E, S, W.

3.3.1 Requirements

Internet video camera
The best in this case are cameras with manual focus adjustment (with a knob).

Karty z kodami paskowymi
Cards licensed by Jannersten should be used, format WIN.

3.4 Configuration

Working directory
Zbarcam options
Additional options passed to zbarcam. A video device may be specified this way as e.g. /dev/video1. Default (first) device has number 0. Full options list is available in file zbarcam.html.

4 Requirements

Java, version 6, is required. Platforms supported: Windows and Linux.

5 Download

5.1 Installable versions

Current version, 1.1.0:

Old binaries: 1.0.0: Windows Linux , 1.0.1: Windows Linux , 1.0.2: Windows Linux , 1.0.3: Windows Linux

5.2 Source code

5.3 Installation

Unpack zip file into an arbitrary target folder. This folder may not contain spaces.

6 Development

Program is written mainly in Java. I encourage to contribute either by programming or by submitting bug reports and suggestions.

Following development means are available:

Guidelines for source code are in file README.SRC.txt, in source code archive, see: Download, 5.

6.1 Build requirements

  1. Sun Java Development Kit, JDK 1.6.
  2. ant, Debian package name: ant. Main build tool.
  3. BeanShell, bsh-2.0b4.jar (or newer) pointed in build.xml
  4. launch4j, to create exe file for Windows.
  5. Latex tools for documentation. Debian package name: latex2html.
  6. For building zbar additional tools are needed. Building zbar is not necessary.

7 Version history

1.1.0, 16.09.2012
  • Downloading tournaments in Pary format, i.e. warsbrydz , Wyniki, WOB, stare.
  • Switched barcode video library for dealing cards on Windows to the one using DirectShow driver instead of Video for Windows. This should remove most problems experienced by Windows users.
1.0.3, 05.04.2012
  • Check for updates option in About window.
  • Zbar modification, to handle cameras providing picture in MJPG format.
  • Made the app visible in taskbar.
1.0.2, 01.11.2011
  • Fixing PBN format. T instead of 10.
1.0.1, 01.11.2011
  • Ignoring robots.txt file during tournament download.
1.0.0, 01.11.2011
First official release, under GNU GPL 3.0.
  • Option Deal cards
0.5, 07.03.2010
Private version.
  • Option Download Kops.

8 Ending

I am open for suggestions. I will be grateful for informations about incorrect operation of the program or a web-page.

Jarek Czekalski , last modification Sep 16 2012